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Super Singer Junior 3 winner, Aajeedh gets a double entry into Kollywood through 'Vu'

'Vu', produced by Pheonix Pictures with Thambi Ramayiah on the lead role, has given Super Singer Junior Aajeedh a double introduction as an actor and singer.

The director Ashik shares with us the interesting turn of events that led to the double introduction of Aajeedh in the movie. He says, "The music director Abhijith Ramaswami and I were discussing about who could sing the duet song that features in the film, and that is when we saw Aajeedh performing in Super Singer Junior. It was also anticipated that Aajeedh would win the finals and the same happened. We had decided to make Aajeedh sing for our movie even before the finals and contacted his Uncle in advance. Soon as Aajeedh won the title, we made him record the track for our movie.

"Thikki thenarudhu dhevadhai, vetkappadudhoru poomazhai" goes this beautiful duet number written by Murugan Manthiram sir. We've made a little girl, B. Shruthi sing this song with Aajeedh, and it has turned out to be an excellent combination. Aajeedh enjoyed singing the song and completed it in 45 minutes. He also expressed his happiness for his first song in Kollywood was beautifully crafted and done.

While seeing Aajeedh off from the recording studio, I met his Uncle and told him how good the song has come out and that we were also looking for a kid to play a role in the movie. His Uncle said that Aajeedh had a flair for acting and would also act well.

The following week, we left to Ambasamudhram with Aajeedh. We made a little girl Madhumitha partner him. Their combination was very cute and the song has come out really well, exceeding expectations.

Aajeedh's mother, Uncle and sister expressed their profound happiness with the introduction of Aajeedh in 'Vu' as a singer and actor to us." We are privileged for the very same.
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