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Colors Swathi Latest Gorgeous Looking Photos

Colors swathi latest gogreous looking photos gallery. swathi new photos. swathi beautiful pics. swathi latest pics

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Shruti Hassan Hot photos gallery

Tamil actress Shruti hassan new hot photos stills gallery. Shruti hassan new pics. shruti hassan latest gallery. Shruti Hassan Hot photos gallery. shruthi hassan new hot gallery

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Tamil actress Manisha Yadav Hot pics

Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer fame Tamil actress Manisha yadav hot photos gallery. Manisha yadav latest hot stills. Pattaya Kelappanum Pandiya heroine Manisha yadav hot photos stills gallery

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Sanjana Singh new Hot photos Gallery

Tamil actress Sanjana singh latest hot photos gallery. Sanjana singh latest glamoros photo shoot photos stills gallery. sanjana singh new pics. sanjana singh latest photos

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Actress Sanjana Singh Interview

Tamil audience prefer plump heroines!” worries the svelte actress Sanjana

Actress Sanjana celebrated her birthday with journalists on Sunday. During the occasion, she said that the Tamil audience prefer their heroines to be plump, rather than slender.

Actress Sanjana Singh celebrated her birthday with journalists today. She cut her birthday cake and shared the joyous occasion with her guests.

She is one of the few north Indian actresses that have been sincere in their attempts to learn Tamil. “Tamil is a beautiful language that sounds pleasing to the ear. I truly wish to learn the language well and speak it fluently”, said the Punjabi actress in Tamil and surprised the crowd with her grip on the language.

“I made my debut with Renigunta, the role, however small it was, brought fame and acclaim to myself. I could never forget the moment when director Paneer Selvam offered me the role.”

“Now I’ve come a long way, and been in the industry for nearly 3 years and acted in over 20 films. I came here to become a lead actress; however I did not sit around waiting for the chance to come by. Rather I began doing smaller roles that tended to have great impact and recognition. These roles have given me invaluable experience in the field. Renigunta gave me the chance to don a rural role that would stick in people’s memories. In Meagaaman, I’ll be acting in a similar role but in cityscape background.” Sanjana has acted in several movies including Ko, Ragalapuram, etc.

Currently she has several movies lined up including Meagaman, Veyilodu Vilayaadu, Vingnani, Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal,Yaarukku Theriyum , Vetri Selvan, Mayanginen Thayanginen, Rendavadhu Padam,AamaliThumili, etc.

”When I first came to Chennai with the intent of getting into Tamil movies, I had two issues that I had to immediately sort out. I was slender and I could not speak Tamil. Tamil audience prefer their on-screen women to be curvy, so I had to put on a few kilos. I also had a natural inclination towards learning new languages so picking up Tamil came to me easily. During Renigunta’s shooting, I’d always ask the director to provide me with my dialogue lines early in the shoot. As soon as I got my hands on them, I’d practice hard and deliver them in Tamil the very next day! The director was very happy with my dedication. It is because of his encouragement and re-assurance that I’m standing here today before you people”

Ms.Singh, who once spoke in English during an audio launch vowed to talk in Tamil during the next and kept her promise. Talking on this event, she said “Tamil is a world renowned language. I used to prepare well ahead in time and memorise my lines for events like audio launches and take care that my delivery was up to snuff. Nowadays though, I talk extemporaneously. It might make it harder for me, but that’s how I prefer it. I have immense interest to become fluent in the language. Tamil is a sweet and cute language! I’m confident that I will be able to talk the language with fluency in the near future.”

Talking on movie projects that she is currently involved in, “I have a solid character in Thaniyoruvan starring Jayam Ravi. Vingnani is a science fiction movie. Meera Jasmine and myself are dual heroines. I had a round of underwater scenes shot in Bangkok for the movie. There were also helicopter scenes. I’m also involved in several song sequences. I’ve had the prestigious chance to act with actor Vivek. He was a great mentor for me during the shoot.”

When asked about dancing in a high voltage Kuthu song, she clarified the following “I’ve done it twice or thrice before and I did not like it. I’m more interested in being a lead actress or at least star in movies with two lead actresses.”

Sanjana is a humanitarian and is actively interested in being humane towards animals. Recently while in Bangkok, she had several photos taken with Tigers at the sanctuary. When queried whether she was afraid, she said “The Tigers are harmless!” She is sympathetic towards the plight of animals, in a similar vein to actress Trisha.

When asked about the message that she’d like to send out for her Birthday, she said “I’m really happy to celebrate my birthday with my friends in the media. I’m enthralled to spend time among the people who helped me get to where I am today!”

“My birthday is on the 23rd, and the number 5 is my lucky number. My house number in Mumbai and Chennai is 5.” After thanking the journalists that were gathered, she also gave a special mention to her manager John who taught her Tamil and is like a family member.

Actress Sanjana Singh should be commended for paying special attention to the press community unlike most popular actresses who don’t give a second thought about it!

Alaiye Alaiye Movie Audio Launch Photos

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Aaha Kalyanam Heroine Vaani Kapoor Hot photos

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Aaha Kalyanam Tamil Movie Photos

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Anguasam Tamil movie hq wallpapers

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Taapsee Pannu latest Glamorous photos

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Hari Priya Latest Glamorous Photos

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Anusha Anu Glamorous Photo session

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Neelam Upadhyay New Photos Gallery

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Aha Kalyanam heroine Vaani Kapoor hot photos

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Anguasam Tamil movie Photos Gallery

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Manisha Yadav Hot Photos Gallery

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Aadhalal Kadal Movie Romantic Stills

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Thegidi Movie latest Photos Gallery

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Karthika Nair hot Photos gallery

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