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Chiyaan Rated Top 50 Hottest Men for 3rd time

Chiyaan Vikram is one among the Top 50 hotest Men in India.By acting in Raavan Chiyan gets lots of accolades for his characterization in both Hindi and Tamil version, has just been selected as one of the top ten hottest men in India by a leading English magazine.

He was selected as one of the 50 hotest men in India for the third time in a row.Vikram was reported to have said "It feels great! This is the first time, the magazine has come up with the hot list and I'm glad to be in it. It's as scintillating as the standing ovation which Mani Ratnam sir and I got at the midnight screening of Raavanan at Venice. It still echoes in my ears," gushes the actor.

When quizzed as to which feature of his makes him a hot actor, our funny man was reported to have said " A lot of people have told me that my eyes are quite attractive on screen. But, I think it's my never-say-die attitude that keeps me going. Oh, and my blood group says it all B+ve!" .Vikram’s nect movie is with Madrasapattinam Vijay, titled Deiva Magan alongside Anushka Shetty and Amala Paul. And is making news already. Lets us see if the noise making fetches good results!

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