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Prakashraj to direct 2nd bilingual movie!.

National award winning actor Prakashraj is now not only actor but also a director and producer too. He is getting focused on directional field.His recent directorial venture Abhiyum Naanum made under his own production house.

The Latest news is that Prakash Raj is planning to direct his second movie story based on present educational structure .He twitted about his movie in twitter as
‘I thought it the right time to turn director. I will be producing and directing this film in which I’ll also be doing a role. The film should start rolling by March, after I complete a couple of my acting assignments and complete the release of my production Payanam, directed by Radha Mohan.’

‘The film is untitled at the moment. It’s a slice-of-life movie mirroring our educational system. When I see my daughters going to school with their backpacks full of books, I feel very sad. Later, when they come back home in the evening, they are burdened with homework. I feel that they are encouraged to memorize their lessons, which makes our examination system flawed. I want to talk about out all this and much more in the film,’ he added.

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