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Is these Reasons For Suriya to Quit Nanban !.

3Idiots remake in tamil version finally came to a conclusion of getting Vijay as lead actor.But the whole episode of campaign upset Suriya of playing agame with him. At the begining of the movie Suriya was opted for the lead actor role, as suriya demanded for huge remunaration and also rights of telugu version.As per the sources Suriya right now is busy with his upcoming projects '7am Arivu’ and ‘Maatran' due to which he couldnot accload dates for Nanban.

While the latest buzz circulating around Kollywood is that Suriya quited the Nanban offer as his friend VIjay is showing Keen interest for this Movie.

Soon Suriya to hold a press meet and clear the gossips around him for Nanban Movie.
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