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Mani Ratnam opts Mysore Palace for Ponniyin Selvan !.

India's top director Mani ratnam to show of his talent of making movies with his Ponniyin Selvan film. Mani Ratnam is Searching for exotic locations and putting hold on actors and waiting selecting music and other star cast.

Maniratnam opted for Mysore Palace one of the hystorical place at Mysore.Mani thinks that Ponniyin Selvan moviegets grandeur for his high budget film.As the film narrates relating Chola Dynasty during 10th-11th century of Raja raja Cholan king.

As per the sources Mani ratnam reached P.V.Avaradhi who is the Mysore Palace Mandali deputy director for permission of shooting Ponniyin Selvan film.

Lets await that Mani ratnam's gets palace for Ponniyin Selvan film.

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