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Sneha as Naseeruddin Shah wife!.

One of the pretiest actress of Kollywood Sneha got off with few offers in tamil but they could not with stand at box offices.

Now Sneha bagged a offer pairing up with bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah in Mad Dad movie which is going to be directed by Revathy Varma.

Surprised of getting bollywood offer Sneha confirms as “I am doing a Bollywood film and I personally feel that it’s a lifetime opportunity to do a film with one of the India’s finest actors Naseeruddin Shah.I always love to do roles which are challenging in any language as I feel language is not a barrier."

Revathy Varma director of Mad Dad says as Sneha is a actress who can invovlve in to any roles and gives life to that charatcer.Sneha will be seen as a wife of Naseeruddin Shah which story relates to 1980's stlyle.Sneha waits for her entire life and thinks of him every second of her life going on.
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