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Anushka's praises lovebale Composer of Deiva Thirumagan

Vikram,Anushka,Amala Paul in the main lead roles Deiva Thirumagan audio was launched and receiving good critics by listing in top of the charts.

GV Prakash music for Deiva Thirumagan were really splendid to hear as each song stood unique in his composition. Especially Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil, Aariro Semma and lullaby Kadha Solla Poren songs were best Deiva Thirumagan album. The tunes were much not only impressed the song lovers but also Deiva Thirumagan actress Anushka very much. She was addicted to those songs these days and started awarding praises to G.V.Praksh for his compositions.

On this Part Anushka Says “Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil is the best melody I have ever heard and one more thing that makes me happy is that the song features me. Saindhavi has sung it outstandingly brilliant”.Concluding this Anushka requested singer Saindhavi to identify herself among the audiences and had a glance of GV’s sweetheart. Upon the request of Anushka, Saindhavi got on to the stage and has sung the song.
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