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Chitra's Daughter Nandana Passed Away At Dubai

South Film Industry Maverick Singer K.S.Chitra daughter Nandana of Nine years age found died after falling in to Swimming pool in dubai.

Chitra along with her family left to Dubai for a singing performance at A.R.Rehman's musical extravaganza in Sharjah stadium. Chitra her husband Vijaya Shankar and Nandana were staying in a villa at emirate hills after leaving to Dubai.

The Incident So happened was :- While K.S.Chitra troup were praticing the for the live performances and rehearsals few songs in the morning session.When Chitra was found that the front door of the villa was opened and Nandana was not in the house. Then immediately spotted Nandana lying in the swimming pool with out any movement.Chitra got schoked and theey immediately rushed Nandana to a nearby Hospital at Jebel Ali.By the time they went to the hospital Nandana died.

K.S.Chitra and her hubby Vijay Shankar were blessed with Nandana after 15 years of their Marriage.

We heartfully giving deepest condolences to Chitra and we pray for Nandana's Soul to rest in peace.
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