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Dhanush remuneration Schoked Director Simbudevan.

We have earlier reported that Dhanush has given his approval to do a film with director Simbudevan. Here we are presenting the latest reports is that Dhanush surprised Simbudevan by demanding huge remuneration for his role in the upcoming fantasy film.

Simbudevan who came back after viewing the semi final match at mohali had a long discussion with Dhanush regarding the script and on going story.While the talks came to remuneration Dhanush demanded Rs.7 crore for him to act in this film.

Director was really shocked and waiting for producer approval how he can convince filmmakers on the remuneration of Dhanush.In recent times Dhanush four movie had good collections at box office ,So Dhanush is cashing at the meantime of period.

Now it is the choice of Director Simbudevan how he can convince the producers Or Opt Out Dhanush. Stay TUned for more updates on this film.
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