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Simbhu Calm's His Online fans

The fans of few stars are campaigning the other stars films in a appropriate manner and disgusting comments on the films in online social networking pages.Recently Simbhu's fans propaganding Jeeva's Ko has much better scope of performance and they are happy that STR did not accept the film as it has more political issues.Regarding this Facebook and orkut STR fan pages are filled up with more than 1 lakh comments witch decent the Jeeva and also Ko film.

Reacting to this Simbhu says as “I welcome fans comment but at the same time I don’t want my fans to talk bad about other actors or movies in my page. It’s purely the actor’s personal choice of accepting a film or not. I hail from the same industry and I always want all the movies to do well at the box office for the welfare of the industry”.

Simbhu's was much excited as his upcoming movie Vaanam is all set to hit big screens on April 29th.
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