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Vikram's Deiva Thirumagan Hits Title Controversy

Vikram's upcoming movie Deiva Thirumagan which is facing the title disputes from the begining of the film. The title dispute raised one more time and pressuring the filmmakers for the title change.

The filmmakers earlier thought of Deivamagan as title but Sivaji Films had already registered the title and producing a new film with debutant Prabhu’s son Vikram in the mian lead role.Hence Sivaji Films asked the producers go change the title.So far the filmmakers finally decided Deiva Thirumagan as title and recently released the audio admist star glitz.

The new controversy was put on by Thevar community and demanding that Deiva Thirumagan should not been given for a movie as a title.The main reason is that Pasumpon Muthuramalinga who is the leader of Thevar community is well known with name Deiva Thirumagan.

As per the close sources Chennai Shiv Shena Unit leader Dhiraviya Pandian had met Chief Minister Karunanidhi and requested to say the filmmakers to opt for a new title rather than Deiva Thirumagan.

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