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Divya Spandana Boyfriend is Raphael

We have earlier reported that Divya Spandana aka Ramya has fallen in love with his german boy friend.In the past news Divya Spandana rejected to keep out either her boy friend name or reveal himself to media.

Now the latest buzz is that Divya Spandana finally revealed her boyfriend name is Raphael,who is an industrialist. The lovely copule were spotted at Chinnasamy Stadium Bangalore who are there to watch IPl season 4 match.

Divya Spandana stepping forward also confessed that thier first sight was on a new year party and later on it turned to love with him.Divya Spandana and Raphael who shared thier lovely feeling also made their parents Ok for thier proposal.

Raphael,Divya Spandana couple are not in a hurry to marry.As of Divya has signed few big projects and wanted to reach goals which she was aimed and the same with Raphael as he was a bussinessman.

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