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Rajinikanth Discharged - Planning to Move to US for Rest..

South film industry Thalavan Superstar Rajinikanth was discharged from Isabel hospital on May 10.Rajini was admitted to ICU for the second time on May 4rth as was suffering from uneasiness in breathing.

Rajinikanth health condition is better forward and as on the note Rajini’s doctor CV Krishnaswamy said “I advised him not to go to Rana launch on the day he was infected with viral fever, but he went ahead for the shoot and spent an hour shooting for the film which finally annoyed the things. Just because of the heat and stress affect had mace him stay at the hospital for so long”.

Rajinikanth was advised to take complete rest for a whole month and then start his shooting programmes. They also said Rajini to locate to a cooler place as of to be away form this summer heat.

As doctors advised Rajinikanth is in plans to go for summer vacations to US and have complete rest for a month.

As Raniji taking rest to be back on to the shoot of Rana.As of now Rana shoot to be postponed yer official confirmation to be made by the filmmakers soon.

Lets wish Rajini to become well soon..

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