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Divya Spandana tatooed Raphael name on her neck back!.

We are here to give one more spicy update of Varanam Aayiram girl Divya Spandana aka Ramya's way of express her love.Divya Spandana has expressed her love interest of her love Raphael in a unique way.

Earlier Divya Spandana thrased all the rumours of her love as she was found with her lover Raphel in foreign countries.But finally on the day of watching the special celebrity match between Shah Rukh Khan’s and Vijay Mallya’s teams in Bangalore at the Chinnasamy Stadium she revealed that he was his love from a long time and we are close buddies.

Now the latest update is that Divya Spandana expressed her love by tattooing her boyfriend Raphael’s name on the back of her neck in Hebrew language. As per the meaning of tattod name on her neck in hebrew language states that name is Holy or blessed.So we must understand that Divya Spandana is blessed of having Raphael in her life.

On confirming this Divya Spandana says “I had a thought of expressing my love and have opted for tattooing Raphael’s name on my neck. I also want to tell everyone that how much Raphael’s relationship means to me. I am happy but Raphael who came to know about the tattoo on the neck, felt very moved indeed!”

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