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Hari speks about Venghai movie !.

Venghai starring Dhanush and Tamannah in the main lead roles completed its censor formalities and is all set to hit big screens on July 1st.It is aware that director Hari makes the difference in the climax part of every film.The same way Hari came out with unique climax sequence in Venghai movie.

Hari Speaking on Vengai climax says “The whole film will be racy and action-oriented which displays my style but coming to the climax it will be completely different and new. It will touch the hearts and will leave an impact with those watching the movie. Every one who watches the film will leave the theater with complete satisfaction”.

Director Hari Says about Dhanush as “I am happy that Dhanush has won National Award for his performance and he surely deserves it as he is such a talented and gifted actor. He is one of the actors who delivers whatever a director expects”.

On talking about Tamannah Hari says “Many felt that Tamanna wouldn’t suit the role of a village girl but they will change their opinion after watching the film. She has given a convincing performance.”

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