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Salman Khan on the sets of Simbhu's Osthi for One day

It is aware that Simbhu is working on for muscular body outfit for his upcoming remake film of Salman khan's Dabangg.The remake in tamil has been titled as Osthi.

Earlier Simbhu has stated that he willing to meet Salman khan to take few tips from him but as Salman Khan is busy with his projects it was not possible that time.Now the latest news is that Simbhu has met Dabangg star Salman Khan at Celebrity Cricket League matches and had a talk with him.Finally Salman Khan has agreed the offer of Simbhu and promised to be on the sets of osthi for one day.

Salman Khan will be seen on the sets of Osthi movie soon as he has to get a one day leave from his projects.Simbhu is waiting for valuable feedback, tips and suggestions on how to work on the remake.

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