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Simbhu's Vettai Mannan second half shoot at Brazil.

Silambarasan is busy with handfull of projects which are to filmed in back to back schedules.Simbhu is right now busy in shooting of his forthcoming movie Vettai Mannan.

Simbhu has finished his last schedule of Vettai Mannan at Chennai's Binny Mills and the filmmakers planned the next schedule of the film at Brazil.Vettai Mannan team soon to fly to Brazil where te director planning to shoot some important scenes, including energetic stunt sequences.Simbhu was to perform never ever seen action sequences for the film.Hence Vettai Mannan major part of the film to be canned at Brazil where climax of Vettai Mannan to filmed.Simbhu to perform daredevil stunts without any help of a body double.

Nelson is shaping Vettai Mannan movie and had announced that the second half part of the film to canned at Barazil.Deeksha Seth will be seen as lady love to Simbhu while Jai to play key role in this film.S S Chakravarthy of NIC Arts is producing this movie.

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