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I will be taking much care to sign a multistarrer-Bharath

It is known that from the time of Vaanam release their is no proper frindship between Bharath and Simbhu.Bharath has incidentally said that his charcter was not given importance in the film.

In a recent interview for a newspaper Bharath said I had a very bad experience working for Vaanam. Though it was started as a multistarrer with equal importance to all the four characters but by the time the shooting got completed only one character was highlighted. I can tell you that it is a solo hero film and not at all a multistarrer. Here after when signing a multistarrer I will be taking much care”.

Currently Bharath is busy with three future projects in the list like Yuvan Yuvathi, Thiruthani and 555.Bharath says about the films as “All the three films are different from each other” .

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