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Is this Jeeva's Rowthiram Story Line ?..

Jeeva,Shriya Saran Starring Rowthiram movie has recently wrapped up entire shooting of the film which is being canned from few years.Rowthiram movie shot its final schedule at Pondicherry.

Now here is the latest buzz on the story line of Rowthiram is that Shirya Sharan will put unto death in this film and Jeeva her love interest will take revenge on culprits who killed her.This is only as per sources but it is not confirmed officially that Shirya will be killed in Rowthiram and Jeeva keeps on revenge to kill the villian.Added to this Shirya will be saying Jeeva to continue his mission while she was leaving her last breath.

The above story plot is just a gossip winery milling in kollywood.Lets wait and on the big screens of Rowthiram story. As we go on Rwothiram is packed with a action packed thriller with all commericial elements.Gokul has penned the story and himself weild the megaphone for Rowthiram film.Prakash Nikki has rendered tunes for this movie while R. B. Choudary is producing this film under Super Good films banner.

Jeeva's Rowthiram is slated to hit the big screens on October 14th.

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