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Namitha-Sona cat fight turned out real time rivalry

We have reported a couple of days back that Namitha and Sona are on a cat fight on the role played by Sona in Ko movie.Now the catfight turned to real time rivalry between the busty beauty actress.

Namitha on Sunday press meet said “Sona has to stop imitating me in her films immediately. I have seen few filmmakers using my name and photographs in their respective films. I was quiet keeping in mind that this is very common for popular actress."

“In fact Sona has been imitating me continuously in films. I have come across news that Sona has sent me a SMS but I have not received any message from her. This is all her cheap publicity stunts. Even if she messaged me also why should I reply to her? She should feel ashamed for imitating me in KO”.Namitha added further.

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