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No distributors for Vijay's Velayudham!.

Vijay's Velayudham is busy in shooting at brisk pace and a song is left while entire shooting of the film has been finished. We have earlier informed that Velayudham's budget has crossed its limitations and has reached to 45 crores.As the film to add much budget as still shooting to go on.If all is like this there are no distributors in Tamilnadu for buying this film.

As of the budget of the film rocketed no distributor is willing to bag the rights of the film.As this is the situation Velayudham producer Aascar Ravichandran has himself decided to distribute this film.Meanwhile producer is in talks with theater owners and exhibitors to distribute Velayudham movie.

If the Producer Aascar Ravichandran can make it Velayudham might release in the last week of August.

Lets wait see in which way the dice turns..

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