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Trisha teaming up with her mom for a commericial!.

Southside sensoius beauty actress Trisha along with her mother Uma Krishnan are teaming up for the second time for a new commericial ad.Trisha and Uma krishnan earlier made their first appearance in Kohinoor Basmati rice ad commercial.

The famous ad agency has roped in Trisha and her mother Uma Krishnan for the tamil version of the ad and while for Hindi they have signed in Soha Ali Khan and her mom Sharmila Tagore for the commericial ad.Earlier Uma Krishnan refused to be part of the ad but when the concept narrated she okeyed and recently a photo shoot session was done for the commericial ad where Trisha and her mother Uma Krishnan dubbed thier own voice for the ad promo.

Trisha Says on the ad promo as “I enjoyed the shoot thoroughly with my mom. Rather then me talking about the ad, I think it’s the concerned people should be making an official announcement and press release soon.”

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