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Shaam's busy with Durai's 6 Candles film workshop

Actor Shaam's new movie in the direction of V.Z. Durai and the title of the is not using any words but only a symbol of six candles. Poonam Kaur is playing female lead actress in this uniquely titled film.

Along with Shaam,Director V.Z. Durai and actress Poonam Kaur had recently conducted a 10-day workshop in chennai.The movie crew also participated in the workshop.Sri Kanth Deva is zeroed in as music director for the film while Mathi as art director.

Actor Shaam says "Durai directing six candles film deals with with a child and this 10-day workshop is very helpfull to us.It helped to shoot vital scenes in the film with ease and confidence.My thanks to director Durai."
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