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Suja changed her name to Suja Varunee

Suja has acted in Kasthuriman, Milaka, Solla Solla inikkum in Tamil has now changed her name as Suja Varunee. She has also acted in Aaptharaksha and Nagavalli in Telugu and Kannada respectively.

Varunee means God of Rain. She stronly belives in changing her name will surely change her career massively and successfully.

When she spoke to the media," I can not do all the movies in all time.For me family is more important.I was forced to take complete responsibility in taking care of my mother and younger sister as a male child. That is the reason why i committed all films which came to me. Now I am confident on their wealth and happiness.

So now i decided to do good movies only which should give satisfication to me and my fans as well. I would like to be known as a good actress in Tamil film industry by choosing good stories.

I am very happy now because I am given an opportunity in Amali Thumali is being directed by Director Athiyaman. I am going to rock with Santhunu in that film. Interestingly I will only be the female lead in Athiyaman's next venture Thapputhalangal. Everybody will wonder on my performance after seeing me in Thapputhalangal. I am sure Director Vettriveeran's Kadhal Theevu will bring best actress award of the year, such powerful character that is..

In this year, I am progressing by doing and choosing challening roles Most importantly I settled down in Chennai so no more burden to producers to meet my accomadaion and air travelling expenses (laughing) Also I can speak Tamil very well. what else.. No more Suja...this is Suja Varunee love you all" ...
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