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Kattu Puli Tamil movie News & Updates

Kaattu Puli film is all about the three couples who are caught in the dense populated jungle who come across lot of dangerous situations which cost their lives as they happen to land in this jungle on their way of adventurous journey which they start for fun. They seek the help of the jungle couple played by Arjun and actress Biyanka Desai. Arjun played a doctor character while Baby Dhanya played the role of their daughter in Kattu Puli. Mr India title winner Rajneesh, Miss India Sayali Bagath, Miss Assam Hanaya - Amith, and Jahan – Jennifer are playing important characters in this movie.

Kattu Puli has been shoot in and around Mumbai. The three pillars that guard society are politics, police and medicine. If a black sheep enter the noble medical profession, society will have to face immense tragedy and disaster, this is what the director tries to showcase. Kattu Puli is also dealing with cannibals (Human Eaters) . Watching these sequences will give completely different experience to the viewers.

A two minutes lip to lip sequence has been given fourteen cuts by censor. Director had no other way to accept the cut as audience in all age groups should watch and enjoy the movie.

Kaattu Puli is directed by Bollywood fame stunt director Tinu Verma Kaattu Pulli will be released on 17th February worldwide in three languages Tamil, Telugu and Hindi . Tinu Verma itself produced Kattu Puli for Kabishek Films. Vijay Verma composed music of this movie.

It is notable that Tinu Verma has won film fare awards 7 times for his outstanding stunt choreography.
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