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Kanudupidi Kandupidi Tamil movie news

Kandupidi Kandupidi is a movie casting Seeman, Murali, Aishwarya Devan. After the marriage of Murali - Aishwarya Devan, follows the thrills and mysterious puzzles, seriously investigated by Seeman casting as a CBCID. This forms a racing screenplay of this movie.

Though there have been many investigative movies in Tamil film industry, Kandupidi kandupidi movie focuses more on investigating tactics which makes this movie different from other movies and it has been said in an all-new form.

The movie focuses on CBCID police ventures. To show that there exist a group like this working in silence on the menaces to this society, frames the source of this story. Seeman has made it such a big work in this movie. Every single fan will get into more respect on a detective officer of CBCID , seeing Seeman’s performance .

The movie adds a feather to its hat, through its scene initiating Green revolution to this society. Yes, the director has portrayed Green revolution by gifting souvenir’s of plant saplings on Murali- Aishwarya’s marriage scene. Moreover there have been dialogues explaining the importance of planting more trees.

What Director Ram Subaraman says is “ Once when I went to my friend marriage, instead giving a traditional souvenir with coconut and beetle, I was gifted with saplings. This wondered me big. To stop the rapid increase of growing global warming which leads to famine, to save earth from natural calamities and for leaving safe-earth to next-gen, are tasks which has one solution and that is planting trees. This was the fact motivating me. This activities being scarcely done here and there in the society can be made to reach all sorts of people through a powerful movie. We cinematographed the scene so lively, to portray that cinema cares world society”.

While shooting in village, the natives were given saplings along with their pays.Interesting fact is , the natives sensed that the dialogues in the movie owe to them and they started growing the saplings too.On behalf of Movie Bazaar, Kalki Yuva, Mayandi Kudumbathar director Sambasivaraj together produced Kandupidi Kandupidi’s . The music will be on air shortly.
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