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Tamil Heroine Shika Interview

Vinmeengal releasing march 16 casts Shikha, is a trained Bharatha Natyam dancer and has performed Arangetrams. Having post graduated in Human Resources Management, the Bangalore model Shikha shares her experience with us.

About your introduction into Film Industry….
Producer Yogaraj’s movie Galipatta in Kannadam was the movie were first waved a green flag to my career. The song Natheem theem thana and the movie became very popular. And the same song in which I performed, brought me fame amidst the fans. Continuously I casted in Vareyva, Maithana male, Kagan Sukki were the movies I worked with.

How did you come to tamil?....
Director Madhumitha’s movie Kolakolaiya Munthirika was the first movie were I did in Tamil. And now its Vinmeengal were I have given a strong role, this makes me happy.

But you have casted as a mother in Vinmeenga,….
Yes. When the director Vignesh Menon described the role in the movie, I understood the importance of my role and accepted for cast. People who throw healthy children in dustbin, making handicapped children ditching their growth is being opposed by my role. Making the child grow good, make an effective socialite in this society is my role in the movie. I definitely hope that fans will enrich my role in the movie and make a success.

Do u know Tamil before casting in Tamil industry?....
No. did not know completely…. When I signed up for kolakolaya munthirika I started learning Tamil… I learnt words to make characterisation on my face… this was my first step of learning towards Tamil. And Iam still learning…

What are the current movies you are casting now..?
AMR productions movie Vanayutham which is going to be released in tamil and kannada is movie where I am casting as smuggling her Veerappan’s friend Gurunath’s lover as Santhini. A tribal woman role. It is fully shoot in a dense forest. I am casting without make up in the movie. I also have to lift gun and act.I am sure the movie would give me a good name.

Taking up a role as a photographer for tourist in Kanyakumari in Padam parthu kathai sol…. When I started casting in the movie I didn’t even know to catch the camera. The cameraman of the movie thought me how to catch the camera. Acting with Tharun Sathriya in padam parthu kathai sol is an action film.

Which types of roles do you wish to take up..?
Whatever movie which gives importance to my character too is the roles which I like to choose.

In Vinmeengal movie you seem to be like Sneha wearing a Saree. As she is going to get married are you going to catch up her place. ?

Basically i am Suhasini , Revathi’s fan. People say that I look like Sneha. It makes me proud and I felt I m honored... I have seen Sneha’s couple of movies. I think I cannot catch her position…

Was there a permission from home when you came for acting… Is there a boy friend for you..?
Oh my God.. They are strict. I struggled to get permission for acting in movies. If there is any talk of boy friend at home then that is the end. When they have given freedom to act, then its their freedom to select my life partner.

We heard you show care on street dogs…?
Yes. Wherever I see street dogs I feed them. I warmth them. I like taking care of them.

What is the secret of your beauty…?

Having some good thoughts always keeps you beautiful. I watch most of the movies. Other than that my swimming, dance practise keeps me in good health.

Says and laughs Shikha. Her real name is Bhavan Rao. As Actress Bhavana is casting in Tamil and Kannada, she changed her name to Shikha. Shikha means “Peak”. Her native is a hill station Shimoga, may be that made her to name as Peak...

Let Shika came to peak, we wish.
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