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Priyamani to speak 4 languages for Charulatha

Priyamani's forthcoming film Charulatha is gearing up to release in four south indian languages shortly.In this regard Priyamani is dubbing her role in all languages which is talk of the town.

Priyamani's Charulatha will see its release in Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam on the same day.The makers are releasing in all four as Priyamani is famous down south film industry.Priyamani will speak in four languages with this film.Charulatha is the film based on Siamese twins.Ponkumaran is the director of this thriller film.

Sundar C. Babu is scoring tunes for Charulatha which has cinematography by M.V. Panneerselvam and editing by Donmax.Globus One Studios banner is producer of the film.

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