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Payanam Release Holds as Prakash In trouble!.

Prakash Raj Production house presenting movie Payanam which is to be released tommorow i.e. 11 Feb had stopped with an obstacle. Payanam Movie releases are less as Prakash has borrowed a sum of Rs 79.99 lakhs from leading financiers Mahendra Kumar Jain.

As per the sources Mahendra Kumar Jain filed a case against Prakash Raj as he is not paying the due of the loan.With out any prior notice to financier Prakash Raj has sold the distribution rights of Payanam to Tirupathi Brothers close associates of director Lingusamy.

Jain has issued legal notice to Prakash Raj in order to repay his loan amount.The hearing of this case filed by jain will be prosecuted today.There was no comment from Prakash raj as he is busy in promotion of Telugu Version Gaganam Movie.

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