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I am happy to Serve the People dis Way-Says Suriya

As we known that Suriya's closeness to social Service and promoting such programmes are at good level.Recently Suriya joined for the campaign with Chennai-based hospital to create awareness on heart diseases.Suriya promoting event of Billion Hearts Beating Campaign started by students of Loyola College.

On this Promotion Suriya Says “I am happy to be a part of this awareness campaign. The Billion Hearts Beating campaign is going to create awareness and also strives to drive in positive action in preventing heart disorders.”

On this occasion he said that he is going to develop his Agaram Foundation trust which would help for the education of rural laypeople. “As of now we are providing education to 150 students and by next year we will be doubling the present number i.e. 300. Looking forward in making it available for more students in coming years.” Suriya Said.
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