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Neetu Chandra New Way of Spelling to Her Name !..

Bollywood Bandwagon hot actress Neetu Chandra who recently turned as producer and making Bhojpuri films. Becoming as producer is her longtime ambition and she was happy that she turned as producer now.Her borther taking care of making selected films.

Neetu Chandra will be soon seen in director Ameer's Aadhi Bhagavan.She paired up with Jayam Ravi in this film. She also said that the script looks fresh and Ameer's taking was simply superb.

While few asked the question of What is the meaning of her name she spelled as “Neetu means everyday is new day. “I feel that we are always new born babies when we wake up from bed everyday morning”.She added further

She also said about her relation with a director as Me and Ameer are very good friends and his wife also is good friend of mine. I and his wife share a good rapport and I don’t understand why all these rumors are making buzz”.
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