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2 G Spectrum film deals with dark secrests Of Spectrum Scam

The burning issue in our country is all about the biggest scam of 2 G Spectrum which is shaking the pillars of politicians, corporate officials who are involved in this scam.Now this scam became a script and being made a film on this issue.

The film also titled as 2 G Spectrum in which A Raja’s role will reprised by Riyaz Khan,Kanimozhi role by Yudham Sei fame actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Azhagiri role will be done by Singamuthu in this film.The main key of 2 G Speactrum Nira Radia charatcer will be potrayed by Shanthini, Naadodigal fame actress,Election Commissioner role will be done by Sathyaraj.

Director John will be shaping up this film which deals with dark secrets of wireless radio spectrum licenses.Stick Here for more updates of the film.

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