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Anushka done a wonderful job in Singham says Kajal Agarwal

We are aware that Suriya-Anushka's Singham movie is being remade in to hindi with the same title.Ajay Degn and Kajal Agarwal are playing the lead roles in the remake movie.Recently Kajal Agarwal instaed of cat fight she started praising the lead acress of the original version.Kajal Agarwal will be seen in Anushka's role in the Hindi movie.

Kajal Agarwal Says about Anushka's performance as “I have watched Singham and I was awestruck by the performance of Anushka, she simply done a wonderful job in the film. My role in the Hindi version is completely different as the script has undergone a lot of changes. I am very happy to be a part of Singham and it’s a great role. I am giving my hundred percent efforts to make a difference”.

The hindi version Singham is in the heals of completion.The filmmakers earlier approached Anushka for the same role in bollywood but the actress denied the offer as she was busy with tollywood and kollywood films.

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