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Shankar's Nanban shooting sets damaged by local residents

Shankar directing biggest multi-starrer film Nanban shooting is progressing at a college in Chennai.Shankar is in fast pace to wrap the shooting of Nanban and from couple of months the shooting of Nanban is going quite calm and at brisk pace.

The latest update of Nanban shooting is that the team was tensed on Sunday shooting schedule as near by residents have arrived on the sets.The residents came their for having glance on Vijay and rest of the stars.The people had requested for spending for sometime with them and also Vijay ,Shankar had chit chat with the residents for some time.Later on the local residents refused to leave the shooting spot and hesistated the team to continue the shoot.Finally the situation on the location turned out of control and moved to scoldings on the crew.The residents even damaged the set on angry.

Finally local police arrived and bought the situation set right.The police has given extra security for the Nanban shooting team.

Stick Here for more updates of Nanban shooting.

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