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Karthi's Saguni wraps up 70 % of its shoot

Karthi,Pranitha in the lead roles upcoming movie Saguni in the direction of Shankar Dayal has wrapped up nearly 70 % of its shoot.

Director Shankar Dayal says “The shoot of the film is progressing in a smooth way and the portion which was shot so far has come out very well. All the characters in the film have a sense of positive thinking and especially Karthi’s role will fill a sense of confidence in the minds of the audience”.

“Many of them felt that Saguni sounded like a negative title but there is a positive side to it. Saguni’s character in the great epic Mahabharata is a symbol of intelligence”. further he speaks about the title Saguni.

Shankar Dayal reveals the titbits of the film as “Saguni is all about a young man who comes to city from a village. At one pint of time he admires at the city life a change in him forms the crux”.

Radhika Sarathkumar will be essaying a key role in the film.Santhanam plays his part of a comedian.
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