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Sameera Reddy kisses Vishal for 30 times !..

Here is the one more hot news about upcoming Vishal-Sameera Reddy film Vedi.Sources says that Sameera Reddy has kissed Vishal for 30 times in a bathroom scene while the actor Vishal had only kissed Sameera for 10 times.

Vedi has some spicy intimate scenes which were earlier canned by Director Prabhu Deva.Vishal recently spoke about the kissing scenes in Vedi movie as Sameera Reddy has faced some problem in mouthing some dialogues in one scene where she has to tell a humour line and has to kiss him.But the actress kept on forgetting the dialogue after kissing him on his cheek.But when finally
she managed to deliver the dialogue her kiss didn’t come out well which resulted in 30 takes.

Lets see the Vishal-Sameera Reddy kissing mania in Vedi film on big screens ....
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