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Aadukalam - The Festival Cut to Screen at IFF

We all Knew that Dhanush's Aadukalam was been made in 2 differnent parts ,where the first one hit the big screens recently.

Now the second part titled as Aadukalam - The Festival Cut with a run time of 100 times which will be screened at all international film festivals Soon.In the meantime Dhanush has started dubbing for the 2nd part i.e.Aadukalam - The Festival Cut at chennai studios.As this is short in duration there will no song in this part.While the director re-edited few scenes as per to conquer the eyes of global viewers at film festivals.Additional scens were added which are not included in the theratical first version.

Now Dhanush to be show stealer at international film festivals with his 2nd part Aadukalam - The Festival Cut...

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