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Jyothika re-erntering in to Films?..

Yeateryear Actress Jyothika acted with her huddy Suriya in recent Nescafe ad promo.The Promo came out well and revealed Is Jyothika reentering to acting in films.She was gerougeous with Suriya in Nescafe commericial ad promos.

While shooting for this ad Jyothika expressed that she was missing camera for a long period and love to come up with good characters further.Is this view of her making to think us whether she may return to do movies.

As we known that Jyothika is apt in selecting her roles in movies and now she is not atall in hurry to begin new film. Suriya feels happy if Jyothika re-enter to act in films as he was the loving fan of Jyothika.
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