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Vandhan Vendran climax action sequnces at Chennai harbour.

Vandhan Vendran film casts Jeeva and Tapsee in the main lead roles is canning action sequence for climax of the movie at Chennai Harbour.The schedule goes for 3 days by which shooting of the film comes to an end.

As in every movie in the climax action scens the hero will fight with villian and hero wins thats comes film to an end. In the same way with Vandhan Vendran Jeeva fights with Nanda.The cimax fighting sequences will be highlight for this movie. Fight Master Kannan is choreographing the actions sequnces,where Jeeva and Nanda keeping their all efforts to get better output. Infact Jeeva and nanda injuried slight while the action sequences under the guidance of Kannan.

We have to wait and Watch the action bits of Vandhan Vendran in Theatres ..

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