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Director Seeman to enter wedlock with Yarlmathy

Director Seeman is in news for his martial life and has of earlier it was the news that Seeman has ditched actress Vijaya Lakshmi after having close relationship with her for more than three years.

Now the latest news is that Director Seeman is set to marry Srilankan tamil Yarlmathy.Seeman had first met her in Vanni region of Sri Lanka long back.

Seeman says about his marriage as “I decided to marry Yarlmathy to accomplish my Tamil national awareness. But I came to know that nobody is aware of her whereabouts after the final phase of Eelam war. I don’t even that whether she is alive or dead. I am still searching for her and will marry her once she is found.

As per the reports Yarlmathy worked as the Secretariat and headed the English section of LTTE Peace camp.Even her husbad Alex is also a LTTE activist who was killed in an aerial attack in 2007.

Lets wait & See that Seeman reaches Yarlmathy and enter in to wedlock.

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