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Hansika saves a human life !.

South films youngest actress Hansika Motwani showed her humanitarian act and saved a human life.On the last Saturday Hansika and her mother Mona were in Madurai for the shooting of Stalin's OKOK movie.When they are on their way to hotel they came for ward a horrible accident.

Hansika says about the accident as “Just on my way to the hotel saw a really bad bike accident no one was there to help that man .Our car driver also zoomed away but Later me and mom were very guilty took the car back and saw the man was still there and his head had small whole and it was bleeding like crazy. Hansika, the Good Samaritan called Apollo Hospital emergency and got an ambulance. Mom went in the ambulance as she is a doctor ... I followed in my car. The guy lost a lot of blood but his stable thankfully as we came on right time”.

Further Hansika says “It is my duty as a citizen of India to help the people in need. We should not run away from our duties. We all should be there for each other”.

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