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I am very much single,I don't smoke,drink says Priya Anand

Priya Anand who is strugling to prove herself though her earlier films Vaamanan and Pugaippadam were duds at box office,She is trying a comeback with upcoming Siddarth's 180 movie.Priya Anand is desparately waiting for a hit film in kollywood.

Priya Anand in recent interview to a newspapers she says “I'm a Chennai Ponnu and 180 will be my re entry into Kollywood. This makes me feel like a homecoming. I am looking forward for the acceptance of the audiences in Tamil which is honor for any actress to be recognized. I doesn’t hail form a filmy background nor I didn’t have any godfather to support in the industry”. 180 has given a lot of importance to the female characters played by Nithya and me though the film revolves around Siddharth”.

When asked Priya Anand about her personal life she said “I am very much single and right now I am concentrating only on my career. I don't smoke, I don't drink. I don't freak out to pubs as I hate loud music. I spend my free time watching films at my favourite multiplex screens in Chennai. Well, that's me."

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